GIST framework for product organisations with Itamar Gilad

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GIST – framework for building product organisations – with Itamar Gilad

I’m talking with Itamar Gilad, who applies experience form his tenure in Google, Microsoft, and IBM to help built product organizations. We discuss GIST – a framework that helps to align strategy and business goals with hypothesis based product development.

Why do companies fail with OKRs? Why do agile teams complain they don’t know the vision and they don’t know why they do what they do? Why product managers and product owners struggle to prioritize the right ideas and why they build features that fail to deliver the business impact.

(00:00) Welcome to Product Ramble
(02:15) Common problems of organizations
(04:03) Why the old style of management doesn’t work with software products?
(08:39) Concepts of GIST framework
(09:34) Hot to set Goals
(15:33) Goals vs agile teams
(18:26) Can we have only good ideas?
(22:01) How to use ICE prioritization method
(32:35) How to measure Confidence for prioritization?
(44:45) How does the management culture need to change?
(47:05) How does engineering need to change in learning organizations?
(50:26) Outcomes of adopting GIST
(53:47) Books recommended by Itamar
(55:18) Learn more about Itamar and GIST
(56:09) bonus: a lean approach to book writing
(07:00) Spread the podcast!

Resources mentioned:

  • GIST
  • Prioritizing tool with ICE scores (esp. Confidence score)
  • “Lean Startup” by Eric Ries
  • “Lean series”

Say hi to Itamar Gilad:

  • @ItamarGilad

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  • @kubiku

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